What Oliver's Had to Say

"Oliver’s have built up a fantastic relationship with Gusto Foods, we would be lost without them. Right from the beginning when Oliver’s was just a concept and we were sourcing something different to offer our customers to your usual sandwich we were welcomed into the Gusto family and enjoyed a tour to see how our breads are made. 

Paul, their friendly delivery driver comes every week and is so helpful he unloads our delivery straight into our freezers, that’s what you call great service. 

The ‘Mezzaluna’ is our signature sandwich, a firm favourite with our customers and team alike, they are so versatile, everyone have their own favourite fillings, even giving them special names such as the ‘Warm and Fuzzy’, (after it’s originators company) a combination of mature cheddar, ham and mushrooms finished after toasting with mayo and others who simply enjoy one toasted to accompany their salad. We also like to experiment with flavours and all loved our valentines special of strawberries and chocolate. 

The focaccia is also popular for our quiz nights and buffets, topped with amazing ingredients and turned into our own speciality pizza."


The ‘Mezzaluna’ (Panizza) is our signature sandwich, a firm favourite with our customers and team alike!

by Lesley from Oliver's

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Learn more about The Panizza ®

Oliver's Mezzaluna, to us the Panizza ®, is a super-versatile, folded flatbread, that can be filled with just about anything!

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What we supply to Oliver's

Both the staff and the customers at Oliver's love our Panizza ®, known to them as a Mezzaluna.

A flatbread, made with the same skill and care as our other dough products, which can be filled with anything you can think of and then toasted or eaten cold.

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What do their customers think?

A few raving reviews, from the customers at Oliver's:

"Goats cheese and chilli jam mezzaluna with a potato, blue cheese and bacon salad. This is the answer to whatever you are asking today: 'Yummy yummy yummy'"


"The mezzalunas are next on my list the lady on the table next to me had one and I kept eyeing it up."


"Flavoursome, tasty and filling! Highly recommend!"


"Just been in and had the most delicious dinner I've had in a long time! Bacon & Chicken Mezzaluna, so nice I could have eaten two!"